My tree farm
This is one of the shots of my tree farm....
White pine.
An old oak
Some trees are beautiful no matter the season.
Young field
This field is composed of four different tree species, in order to slow the spread of diseases.

Between Darkness and Light

BetweendarknessImagine that in all the vastness of space, the most powerful force in all existence, is music. That which most people perceive as merely vibration, can be heard and directly manipulated by only a handful of beings throughout the entire Universe. But those rare individuals are not what you might expect.

Shi’ahn and her brother William, after having lived their lives on a highly magical and extremely isolated world, suddenly find themselves in a place that defies imagination.

Lumina is the most powerful and technological realm in the universe, and Shi’ahn and William are immediately treated as utterly insignificant, backwards, and naive. While Shi’ahn receives only mistrust, suspicion and even contempt from the bulk of the Royal family, she does find one ally. Cailliach, the greatest of all their kind and creator of their realm, takes Shi’ahn in and begins to teach her unimaginable things. Cailliach understands – for she, like Shi’ahn, can hear the Song of the Universe: Harmony.

As Shi’ahn and William embark upon their journey of enlightenment and the harnessing of their unique powers, they must survive intrigue, danger, and their growing relationship with the foundations of the Universe itself. And if they should fail, all could be forever lost.

This is the first book in the Universe Cycle.

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