My tree farm
This is one of the shots of my tree farm....
White pine.
An old oak
Some trees are beautiful no matter the season.
Young field
This field is composed of four different tree species, in order to slow the spread of diseases.

Descent into Chaos

Lumina survives for the time being, but the realm of Chaos is also under attack, and many blame Lumina and threaten to resume hostilities. Their Magni Dominar makes a surprising request, that Shi’ahn, a Spire avatar, visit their realm and a unique location that appears to be fading away.

One of the Dynasties that currently occupies Shiral also requests Shi’ahn’s presence, in secret. It would be extremely dangerous, but if she manages to help them she may gain their assistance in retaking Shiral. The Emperor orders Lucian to accompany her, even though Shi’ahn despises him. Worse yet, they must pose as lovers…

Meanwhile, Lumina’s victory against the Abominations is only temporary, and while Shi’ahn is in Chaos, the attack against Lumina progresses. Before the attackers break free, Lumina must either completely defeat them, or perish.

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